Sunday, July 31, 2011

TIme Traveler

A diptych combining shots taken over four years apart from each other. The bottom was shot in 2007, after a house at the end of my block had been condemned and was boarded up. The top shot was taken this year, after the old house had been demolished and a new house was built up, recently seeing its tenants.



  1. David is this you? cousin to my kids, Jessi, Zach, Emily and Michael Kulow. Son of Pat and Pauline. If so or if not we'd love to see you work. If so that would be great. doug kulow

  2. David, I got your email and then it vaporized in a fit of Android seizure activity. I mean maybe it was my fault but what ever, it went away. Please send me your link and another email so I can properly store your address.