Thursday, September 23, 2010

Digital II - Photoshop Exercises

Just finished these up this past week, we've been working on editing through ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and retouching in general. Of course, the assignment was to use a self-portrait to learn how to retouch. Let me explain why I took this in the direction I did.

When we first started, I did the standard fashion retouching: I removed blemishes, smoothed out my pores, etc...and afterward it kinda made me feel sick to my stomach. I didn't like the idea of fixing myself up in that sense with Photoshop. So, instead I took it in this direction, creating things that were a bit beyond what retouching entails.

First image is edited soley in ACR:

Second image is 90% ACR, 10% Photoshop CS5 (pretty much used it to fix up things with more precision and added the vignette.)

I'm really enjoying this class, I think I'm really enjoying compositing and retouching.


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