Thursday, December 10, 2009

Studio Lighting: Final Portfolio

So it's turned in, and I assume it's graded by now. I don't get my prints back until next semester, but I do feel safe posting these now (with watermarks as usual). Here's my 6 final images for my studio lighting Final.

Artist Statement:
My work is a series of still life photographs showcasing mundane objects forming architectural-like design with red strings. The work deals with creating dynamism in normally very still objects and the elements o a technical perspective drawing brought into a three-dimensional setting. By bringing these everyday objects into the spotlight, it takes them out of the thrift stores and closets, and into a plain unavoidable view.

The majority of the objects were purchased at a local second hand store. I ended up leaning towards items used for storage in some sense. These items ranged from suitcases and baskets to dish and spice racks. In order to further distance the items form any usage by their original owners, the objects were photographed without any people or human interaction. My final pieces showcase a combination of my passions for still life and perspective drawing.

All works ©David Velasco 2009, please don't steal or re-post my images without my permission. Actually, there's no way I'm giving you permission to steal my images, so just don't do that at all.


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  1. The first and second images are my favourites at the moment; but I'd have to see them as prints to really judge. Great job! :D