Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Creative Geometry - Golden Proportion and 4th Dimension

Hey there!

Sorry for the lack of updates over summer (and the lack of work for that matter). I did have one other piece I worked on over the summer, and that will show up here over the winter when I go back and get a chance to shoot it. Unfortunately my life was temporarily taken over by working in a Neurobiology lab while I was back in IL. I've since made my return to Sarasota, and I'm well into the swing of classes. I'll be posting my Studio lighting and Art and Sci. of Color work soon, along with some of my other randomness. For now, you get my paintings for my math class :P

Let me explain this now: Creative Geometry is not really a regular math class. The way the class works is as such: we do paperwork type stuff in class. Y'know, packets all that jazz.

Now, outside of class we have projects to work on, in any medium that we wish to work in. I chose to go with painting exclusively for now. I need to keep up with it somehow, and it helps to have a little outlet in a liberal arts while I wait to start my overload elective next semester :D But yeah, keeps me fresh and lets me do something other than photography.

So, here's Golden Proportion (the magical proportion that shows its head all over the place)

15" x 30", gesso transferred laser paper on canvas, acrylic over top. Surprisingly, the colors aren't too far off of how they do normally. I need to fix it up and re-shoot it anyway. :/

And here's 4th dimension, where time is being shown as the 4th dimension

16" x 20", acrylic on canvas

All work ©David Velasco 2009
That means don't steal my work, don't use my work, and don't post it anywhere else without my explicit permission please.


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  1. REQUESTING PERMISSION to print your swirly colors fourth dimension painting at the library and put it on my ceiling, SIR.