Thursday, April 9, 2009

Figure: Photos (Outtakes and Reprocess)

These are some works that I shot either during an assignment or while shooting for my portfolio. The first is a re-worked piece that I turned in, the other two were outtakes that I processed.

In any case, these were all shot digitally with my Pentax K100D.

Here ya go!

Nicole (<3) in the Whole Foods loading dock downtown

Alyse on campus

Nicole at Winn-Dixie

More photos to come in the future. I just figured I'd post something since my blog is called "I Are Fotografer", and I already took care of the Moar :p


1 comment:

  1. I like the movement in the first one.
    I also enjoy the way you capture the repetition of the bench design in the second one, although Alyse is a little dead-center composition wise.

    And the third one seems kinda green. Lolol grocery store lighting.